Introduction to the NET program

Introduction to the NET program at YOTTKPPS


The Native-English language teachers (NETs) develop and produce lessons that encourage communication and interaction. The NET curriculum is supported by planning with the school’s English teachers and creating lessons that are enjoyable and engaging for all ability levels. The students build their reading comprehension skills through phonics, shared reading, guided reading and comprehension questions. A strong emphasis is also placed on speaking skills, and the NETs aim to create lessons that inspire the students and increase their speaking confidence. For the higher primary grades, the NETs lead lessons that are intensive and useful for both structured speaking (such as presentations and interviews) and spontaneous interaction.


Along with the intensive language curriculum, the NETs run extra-curricular activities that allow participation from students of every primary level. Students boost their spontaneous speaking skills with a ‘morning chat’ activity and they also increase their listening and teamwork skills during lunchtime games. Furthermore, with the recent addition of a ‘Drama Club,’ students enhance their speaking confidence in an exciting and engaging way.

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